Increase Sales

Everyone knows that loyalty programs when properly implemented increase repeat visits and grow sales.


Build Relationships

Understand your customers better. Know their favourite product, how frequently they visit and their average spend.


Market Effectively

Create successful personalised and highly targeted email and push marketing campaigns.

Your business is unique,
you need a loyalty plan that reflects that

We offer the flexibility for you to design the plan that's right for you and your customers.



Set the value of your points and offer as many reward levels as you like. Run promotions with bonus points to speed up slow moving items or quiet days.



Fully customisable digital punchcards. Set them up, have the ability to change them according to business needs, run as many punchcard plans as you want.



Reward your customers in the way that best fits your brand and business. You can offer percentage discounts, money off the bill, free items or even unique experiences.



If you offer prepaid club memberships, we can help you manage these too. Having everything online and integrated with your POS will save you hours per month.

Know where you stand

A loyalty program that allows you to measure it's performance and take actions accordingly.


Metrics Matter

It is important to be able to measure exactly how well your loyalty program is performing. Trezoro enables you to see how many customers you have registered, how often they visit and their spending habits. Once you are armed with this powerful knowledge you can use it to grow your business and increase repeat visits.


Marketing Features

Ever wanted to do a birthday coupon or a winback campaign for lapsed customers but didn't know where to start? Personalisation and targeted marketing is the future and with us it's easy.


Email Marketing

Trezoro works with the email marketing software you already use. Send a newsletter out to all of your customers or use our powerful segmentation to create personalised and targeted marketing campaigns.


Push Messaging

If you have a special offer, a sale or are running an event in store a push message is the perfect way to send a short message directly to your customers phones (requires customer to have the optional app and push notifications enabled).

How It Works

Trezoro fits in easily with your existing point of sale process.


Register your customers directly from your POS with as little as their name and email address. You also have the option to create more detailed profiles.


When they return you can search for them quickly and easily and add new transactions to their loyalty program. No cards, no apps, no fuss.


You will understand your customers better than ever before and you will be able to effectively and easily reach them to keep them coming back.


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